“your writings are very beautiful and meaningful… Straight to heart”

(One of his readers exclaimed )

“Then you haven’t seen my inspiration,my saviour!”

(He thought to himself with a smile)


Keep falling for him 💓

(she calls after a long time)

Have you moved on?

I have found a guy,he is in the army!

Seems like a nice guy,hope this one works…What about you,found your other part.

( He with a smile)

Yes..I too have found some one and it’s turning out to be great.We talk daily..I just keep falling for the person every single day.

(He cuts the call.. Reachs out for a book on the top rack and writes)

Jesus, I have been falling for you every minute since the day I met you.You aren’t the other part of mine,you are the whole.

Love you.