She was his world!

She smiled – He smiled.

She cried – He cried.

Existence was tough without her,yet he found it hard to say “I love you”.

Maybe that’s why he decided to show it to her by pouring out his blood on the cross.

Some love!


She laid face down after missing a catch during the last set of their international throw ball match.

“Miracle is still a reality”, Someone shouted from behind

She stood back on her feet ,made her team win. 

She looked back to find her father smiling at her.



Jerusalem city

(All the cattles gathered at the temple grounds hearing to loud voices of praise and calls of hosanna…To witness something weird. The people were going nuts over a donkey )

Ox : why is my master celebrating the coming of a donkey?

Bull: He is so weak ,look at his shoulders he clearly haven’t carried anything heavy before. People must be crazy welcoming him like that!

Horse: All this noise for a colt! What’s happening?

(The donkey replied hearing to their complaints)

Donkey: Don’t look at me ,look at the one who is riding me!

(And immediately all their questions were answered)



“why did you die for me?,why did you save me?I am not worthy..I am a sinner”,he said.

“I dint die for your sins, I died so you could see the goodness in you through me”, God replied.



“your writings are very beautiful and meaningful… Straight to heart”

(One of his readers exclaimed )

“Then you haven’t seen my inspiration,my saviour!”

(He thought to himself with a smile)